Message from the President.

Joseph Sosa the founder and President of The Mami Dora Foundation began putting together the idea to help children back in 2004 when he began to travel to Colombia. He started to help mostly children with disabilities with the help of family and friends. Now in 2009, He and his father Luis G. Sosa started The Mami Dora Foundation to build a network to raise funds needed for different programs such as food programs, clothes, education, medical and dental care. It’s foundation to give children the opportunity to be productive individuals. Joseph has a degree in accounting and 20 years of business and community service. Joseph was asked by someone. Why are you doing this noble cause? He responded, “I made a promise to my grandmother “Mami Dora” in 2008 right before she past away that I would do everything I can to help the children and to give them hope and opportunities the same way this great country has given me”.


Message from the President

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